A game made for Bored Pixel Jam 2

It's a simple day of school, where you're late for class and many unusual day-to-day thing happens.

Hound the bully who got your backpack, throw the almondegas and play a match of burn, all this using only a coin and three lives.

Game made by: Rafael Endo (yakultjapa.itch.io)
Helena (Darkluar) and
Danllo Minoh (viasonhos.itch.io)

The controls of the game are W/A/S/D and spacebar.

Install instructions

Download, unzip and play the executable/app.


gtsLinux64.zip 70 MB
gtsOSx64.zip 78 MB
gtsWinx64.zip 65 MB


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That was cool! Simple but effective! I super enjoyed the dodgeball game! Well done guys!